Professional operators rely on their asset to keep businesses up and running. Fully operational vehicles and equipment mean profitable business, and downtime is something that must be avoided.

Proper maintenance starts with a reliable report on the condition of your equipment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full diagnostics report of the equipment so you can find the perfect maintenance solution for it?

To achieve all of that and more, AESL – Valvoline Distributor for Trinidad & Tobago in partnership with Polaris Laboratories offers you first-class value-add service – Fluid Analysis Program.

The Fluid Analysis Program is a vital health check for your equipment. It represents preventative maintenance – monitoring, reporting, and interpretation of the condition of fluids.


The condition of lubricants, coolants, and greases impacts the performance of your fleet and equipment as they lubricate and protect engines, hydraulic systems, gears and transmissions systems, and cooling systems.

As the engine oils, coolants and greases are the lifeblood of your equipment and systems, with Fluid Analysis Program you will:

  • Determine type and severity of wear in the equipment
  • Monitor the changes in lubricant/fluid properties
  • Identify the contamination (oxidation, soot, dirt, water, coolant, fuel, etc.)

Regularly monitoring fluids conditions is the most cost-effective way to optimize the performance of your vehicles. It will help you increase reliability and maximize productivity of your assets. Customers who take timely action can:

  • extend and optimize drain intervals
  • reduce downtime
  • increase the lifespan of the equipment
  • decrease maintenance costs of their fleet
  • lower the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • equipment is fully operational at maximum efficiency
  • oil and fuel consumption are reduced
  • avoid costly repairs and overhauls

AESL – Valvoline Distributor for Trinidad & Tobago, collaborates with Polaris Laboratories in Guatemala to offer the latest testing technology, fast analysis response, and dedicated support.

Together, they provide:

  • Technical support
  • Reporting in 12 languages
  • Broad OEM and engine type coverage
  • Latest ASTM testing and monitoring technologies
  • ISO 17025 accredited services
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Easy online management and reporting tools
  • DataConnect for IT system integration
  • Global coverage


With Valvoline’s Fluid Analysis you can check your engine oils, coolants, and greases.

There are standard tests performed on all samples. If required, advanced testing can be requested at any time.

The report can be expected within 48 hours after receiving the samples at the laboratory. Sample reports are shared by email and/or uploaded into your online Horizon® mobile app and dashboard.

Severity Indicator

The laboratory reports five severity indicators (0 to 4 scale). Abnormal (3) and critical (4) observations are immediately reported to Valvoline’s Technical team.

After Valvoline’s assessment, the report is released and a notification on your mobile device appears. Valvoline can decide to get in touch with you directly to discuss any preventative actions and improvements.



STEP 1 Complete the registration form together with your Valvoline representative and send it back to Polaris

STEP 2 Activate your account, download the mobile app, and set up your Horizon® dashboard

STEP 3 Whenever possible, pre-upload your fleet and detailed equipment list

STEP 4 Order your sample kits

STEP 5 Take your sample, submit the data (online) and send the used fluid back to the laboratory by normal mail with the provided envelopes

STEP 6 Check the results within 24-48 hours on your email, or in the app or Horizon® dashboard.

STEP 7 Consult with the laboratory and Valvoline’s technical experts for preventative recommendations, practical advice or maintenance solutions.

Only a healthy engine will save your money by lowering TCO and increasing uptime!
So, the best way to really know the condition of your equipment is to test is properly and on time!

GET OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE FROM YOUR EQUIPMENT AND prevent costly engine repairs and downtime!