AdON’s Tree Planting Exercise

Our existing forest and the trees we plant work in tandem to make a better world. Trees are an important component of the natural landscape and appeal to our aesthetic values. They play a significant part in reducing erosion, moderating the climate and are essential to life as we know it. They are the ground troops on an environmental frontline.

We at AdON are very cognizant of these factors, additionally our ecological footprint and our impact on the environment. Moderate UN scenarios suggest that if current population and consumption trends continue, by the 2030s, we will need the equivalent of two Earths to support us. And of course, we only have one.  “AdON is committed to an environment that is safe and healthy and believe this to be of utmost importance to our employees, our clients and their families”. It is with these factors in mind, we at AdON embarked on a tree planting exercise in order to do what we can to help preserve our environment.
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On Saturday 28th July, the AdON Family gathered on the Solomon Hochoy Highway in the vicinity of Gasparillo; at the Charles Street turn-off to conduct this exercise. It was a merger of three generations; working together to give back to the community and our environment as a whole. We at AdON take pride in being able to share in the preservation of our earth. It is our hope that these trees will grow healthy so as to provide both essential and aesthetic value to the area for the generation of today and those to come.

It is in keeping with the spirit of our environmental policy “We stand firmly committed to this proactive, comprehensive approach to environmental assurance”, providing leadership by example in this important area.