Aaron Achan, the Subaru Racing Business Entrepreneur

Aaron Achan, the Subaru Racing Business Entrepreneur
by CHRISTIAN RAMNARINE Sunday, May 15 2016

MEET Aaron Achan, the 30-year-old Operations Manager at AdON Group of Companies who balances his family’s business and his introduction to his motorsporting career with ease. The past Presentation College student, who studied Mechanical Engineering, sought his way through the diverse channels of economic development which led him to this very pinnacle of his career.

From the conception of his passion for motorsport, Achan found himself behind the lens of the Canon cameras at most automotive events held here in Trinidad shooting for local motorsport magazine Zorce and the automotive website Trini- Tuner.com.

Working in the engineering industry for some time, Achan left Trinidad to expand his expertise and knowledge with the intentions to further his career.

However, in 2014, he returned home to join his family’s business.

Rekindling his passion for the sport, it was not long after that Achan found himself back behind the lens at most events like Karting, Drag Racing, Rally, Drifting, Time Attack and Circuit Racing.

Having established quite a fond relationship throughout the years, Achan’s desire to ‘get his feet wet’ and step out from behind the lens and onto the track grew quickly.

Enter the Subaru Impreza STi, the platform that would launch him into the motorsporting industry.

Jumping straight in, Achan took the Subaru STi to the track, the drag racing track that is, powered by a four cylinder 2.0 litre turbocharged motor; he quickly learned the intricate details of launching the allwheel drive car on the racing strip.

As time passed, Achan wanted to squeeze the most out of the car in its stock (factory) form.

He then sought the guidance of Ryan Seepersad of RTune, who modified the Subaru’s original software with the goal of increasing the power output from the motor in its original form.

Asking him about his goal for the car at this point he said, “I really was going after the quickest Subaru STi in the factory trim, but I’ll really be happy with any improvements that I achieve along the way.” It was later that year, at a Trinidad and Tobago United Drag Racer’s Association (TTUNDRA) Drag Racing event which was Trinidad’s very first all-wheel drive shootout — which would consist of cars that can only deliver power to all four wheels.

Achan entered the class and achieved a 12.2 second quarter mile time at 111mph, which would later be proven as the quickest STi in the region in this stock (factory) trim. Furthering this accomplishment, he went on to compete at Drag and Wind events at the Arima Race Club held by Autosport, where he managed to win the 54-second Championship in 2015.

Motivated by his personal allround success on the entry level genres, Achan has hopes of soon going up against the likes of Gerrad Carrington and Kristian Boodoosingh at the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship.

Achan also extended his gratitude to the people who have helped him along the way to assist him in getting where he is today — the AdON Group, Milegage Mack, Tuner Imports Performance Shop, Garage 61 for all their mechanical support and the engine tuner Ryan Seepersad.